Shower Friend

We rented a room in an inn to stay during our holidays. The inn was a bit old and the showers were outside, shared among all rooms. Actually I loved the showers idea. I was taking a shower twice a day there! Fortunately, I could see the shower entrance from the window of our room. I used to wait for a cute boy to enter the showers alone. Then I would take a shower with him. There was a cute boy who I met a few times in the showers. Gradually we became friends. The fourth time we met there

Threesome in the Pool

Last year summer our family went to the village where my two cousins live. We played a lot and had fun. There was a pool in their village for public use. My two cousins and I went there to have some extra fun! It was in the middle of the noon and nobody was there. We all got naked and entered the pool. After swimming for a while, I had an idea to share… “Hey guys, do you just swim anytime you come here!? or you do something else too?” I asked. They said “What else do people do in