Threesome in the Pool

Last year summer our family went to the village where my two cousins live. We played a lot and had fun. There was a pool in their village for public use. My two cousins and I went there to have some extra fun! It was in the middle of the noon and nobody was there. We all got naked and entered the pool. After swimming for a while, I had an idea to share… “Hey guys, do you just swim anytime you come here!? or you do something else too?” I asked. They said “What else do people do in

Watching through the Diving Mask

The best thing about diving with a diving mask is that you can clearly see other children under water. I mean you can clearly watch their trunks 😀 Whenever I go to the beach or a swimming pool I bring my diving mask with myself. I go near other boys and dive around them like a fly flying around a shit! I worship them and want to eat them, again like that fly! I get close to the butt and watch it closely from every angle. I imagine the butt is naked. I build the naked butt picture in my


No Undies Time!

“The inflatable pool is ready kids!,” my friend’s mom shouted. We stood close to the pool and started to take off our clothes. Wow! It’s no undies time! We were both totally naked looking at each other. My heart was pounding heavily. I couldn’t believe I’m there naked with another boy of my age. My friend just stepped in the pool. While he was moving his leg I took a glance at his nice butt. Wow! I could see his tiny pink hole. That was unbelievable! I just began to get a boner, so I jumped in water to hide