The Fainted

Wow! What a gorgeous child is just getting closer to me! I can hear my heart beats like Techno music 😀 I can smell his bare feet. I can feel his soft body. I’m going to faint… I’m in a boyish coma…     In my unconsciousness, the world turns to my favor. I live in boy-boy land. I can have as many boys as I want. I can do whatever I want to them. I love dreaming more than anything. I wish I could dream forever and never wake up.


Meeting an Old Friend

Today I’m going to meet an old friend. Better say an old young friend. He is only 10yo. We were friends from the time he was about 4 years old. He is slim, cute and white. To top it off I have to say his skin is very soft and his body meat is so elastic! Try to imagine the body part I’m talking about 😀 yeah!     He wants me to be his tutor, and we’re going to discuss it today at 1 PM. I’m trying to be as prepared as possible for the discussion so that I