Fun at Home

I was home alone. Bored and with a broken phone, I decided to have some fun with my undies. I tied all my undies together making a chain. I named my invention “The Chain of Undies.” It was a colorful chain provoking a lot of sexy memories for me! I put my penis into all legs of the undies one by one. Each of them made me feel like I have friend right here at home having sex with. Then I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom. I greased my butt hole, making it ready for a chain to enter!


I Love Boy Undies

When I was at school age, I was so zealous to take a look at other boys undies. A classmate bending, jumping, or whatever making even the smallest part of undies visible, I wouldn’t miss the chance to peek. It was not only looking. I was also interested in smelling! Smelling a boy underwear meant a world to me. Unfortunately, I never had a chance for close smelling at school. I could only smell my own undies and imagine it as somebody’s else.   I had a few friends from our neighborhood. They were boys almost at my age i.e