Bare Boys Playing Basketball

There is a basketball field in the neighborhood where my friends and I practice. In hot days of summer we play basketball almost bare. It’s a little bit problematic for me. The bare bodies don’t let me focus on the game. Sometimes I’m totally distracted by a cute shirtless boy. Today a new super cute blond boy came to the field. He was wearing very short black shorts. His body was soft and shiny. Not even a single flaw. He left me no concentration on the game. I was just looking at him all the time. My teammates were so

School Trip in Shorts

Now I’m in paradise. Over 100 boys here in their shorts. And it’s complemented by the voice of waterfall and birds. A lot of trees here means a lot of places to hide! And a lot of places to hide means a lot of opportunity to have sex! Yes, I’m in paradise! I sent a wink to a boy sitting in a corner. Hopefully, he winked back! I pointed a tree far away with my finger, and I started to move there. He traced me to the place. That was amazing. All of a sudden I took off my shorts,

Wrestling in Shorts

My favorite sport after swimming, is wrestling. I just do it for fun. You know, the wicked kind of fun. The good thing is that you can grab your opponent by anywhere. I emphasize again… You can touch any body part you like. Obviously, I like what you guys like too! Once my friend and I were wrestling in our shorts. In my friend’s yard they had a big mattress for wrestling. I was losing all the time, making my friend happy. He didn’t know he was making me happy too! I was touching all his body freely. I wish


The Boy who Cried Pants!

One of my classmates live in a weird household. His father doesn’t let him wear pants. He has to wear shorts all the time. Even at a wedding! His locker is full of many different shorts. It’s like an advanced rainbow. There are thousands of colors rather than only seven. What are the pros and cons of never wearing pants!? You always show off your beautiful legs to everyone. You can’t pee through your pants legs, but you can when wearing shorts 😀 You can dip in any liquid up to above your knees. Not any liquid actually! Can’t think