The Feet I Adore

Do you worship a god or maybe something similar? I only worship boys, and I adore their feet in a special way. One of the conditions my friends must accept before becoming one is to grant me extensive permission to do whatever I want with their feet. I little bit weird for them in the beginning, but they start to like to soon. Shoving a foot in my butt is a lofty hobby of mine. I smell, caress, kiss and lick the foot entirely before the main operation. Usually, the foot owner licks my butt meanwhile. When everything is lubricated

Fun at Home

I was home alone. Bored and with a broken phone, I decided to have some fun with my undies. I tied all my undies together making a chain. I named my invention “The Chain of Undies.” It was a colorful chain provoking a lot of sexy memories for me! I put my penis into all legs of the undies one by one. Each of them made me feel like I have friend right here at home having sex with. Then I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom. I greased my butt hole, making it ready for a chain to enter!

Friends in the Woods

My friend and I were walking home from school. I asked him if he likes to play for a short time in the woods along side the road. He accepted, so we went behind a big rock there. With no hesitation I grabbed him and kissed him in the mouth. My penis was hard like a rock. I couldn’t stop. I tore down my clothes and put my penis in his lovely pink mouth. He is an awesome sucker. I just turned him around and shoved my penis into his butt. Wow! That was intense. I was so horny I

Taking Sunbath – Part 2

Now it’s time for me to return the favour. I ‏ opened my legs ready for them. One of them went behind me and put the point of his penis on my butt hole. The other one put his mouth on my mouth. His penis was wiggling on my belly. The other one was fucking me slowly and softly. It was so sensual and emotional. ‏My friend who I just had fucked a while ago joined the other party. The stranger boy was laid down on the sand on his stomach. He had a penis both in his mouth and