We got Kidnapped

One day, my school friend and I went behind a bush to have sex. We both took off our pants up to our knees. My friend was trying to push it in me. Meanwhile, a man just appeared next to us! We were intensely shocked. We pulled up our pants fast. He said: “I saw what you were doing. I took a few photos, too. You two come with me, or I know what to do”! That being said, we were forced to go with him to his apartment. There was another man in the apartment. They threw us on


The Boy who Cried Pants!

One of my classmates live in a weird household. His father doesn’t let him wear pants. He has to wear shorts all the time. Even at a wedding! His locker is full of many different shorts. It’s like an advanced rainbow. There are thousands of colors rather than only seven. What are the pros and cons of never wearing pants!? You always show off your beautiful legs to everyone. You can’t pee through your pants legs, but you can when wearing shorts 😀 You can dip in any liquid up to above your knees. Not any liquid actually! Can’t think