Naked Swimming in Public Schools – Part 3

Naked Swimming in Public Schools – Part 3   What really surprises me is the internet’s denial of such events. It seems obvious to me that this was the case then, but look through google and you will find countless boards DEBATING the existence of mandated skinny dipping. Truly fascinating IMO. Think about it, there is a large enough cultural barrier such that the very notion of swimming naturally is seen as impossible to some. Personally I think that we should advocate to bring this system back (although for both genders), we might even be able to save money on

Naked Swimming in Public Schools – Part 1

Naked Swimming in Public Schools – Part 1   I love history a lot, and it was a pleasant surprise to me that there was a narrative film on this topic. It’s amazing to see how quickly cultural attitudes change in just one or two generations. The person who made the video did a good job, and I like that he didn’t try to present with a bias towards or against the subject, but gave the straight facts. Very interesting stuff!  

Laundry Day

Yesterday I went to a self-service laundry shop to wash my clothes. I was passing by the laundry machines and suddenly I noticed that one the doors are open. I got close and I looked inside. Guess what! There was a cute boy of around my age inside! Wow! Immediately, he said: “You found me. Now you own me! Tell me what to do”. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t have such a cute boy even in my dreams. Now he says that I own him… “I just wanted to wash my clothes. Can you please get out of the