The Boy in his Briefs

We were on the train traveling to a far place. We were expected to arrive in more than 12 hours. It was enough time for me to explore every corner of the carriage. At first I lurked somewhere near the toilet so maybe I could hunt a cute boy, but I had no chance. Then I tried to peek through other compartments windows, and you can’t believe what I saw! There was an exceptionally cute boy in his briefs inside a compartment. He was so glamorous that I couldn’t stop looking at him. He was playing with his tablet. Unfortunately,

Twin Undies

Summer will end very soon. I’m going to seize the rest of it as much as I can. I went to my twin friends house yesterday. They were in their undies all the time. Two cute blond boys with me only wearing underwear. Unbelievable! Ain’t I dreaming? One of them was wearing a white brief and the other one a blue brief. We played a lot and we all enjoyed. One thing I can never forget about yesterday is the bed! Twins laying on the bed in a symmetric way. So artistic! I wish the scene was never-ending.