The Boy in the Drawing Class

I went to a few summer classes past year… Swimming, robotics, and yoga. The institution holding robotics classes, were holding many other classes simultaneously. Drawing class was next to our robotics class. One day I was passing by, and they were drawing a bare boy posing in front of the class. Hmm… What a delicious surprise! I was not permitted to enter that class… The teacher wouldn’t allow me to. Thus, I could just watch from distance! That boy was fabulous! I drew a lot of portraits in my mind there. Maybe next summer I would persuade my parents to


The White Blond Boy

All the students were so cute and lovely. I couldn’t believe I’m in such a heaven. I was trying my best not to get too emotional so that I didn’t blow my disguise. One of the students, a boy, 11 years old, blond, white, about 160cm in height and weighing around 50kg was in a beautiful black t-shirt and black pants. His white skin made a stupendous contrast with what he was wearing. I just wanted to hug and kiss him right then in the middle of the class, but you better know why I was not able to.