Taking Sunbath – Part 2

Now it’s time for me to return the favour. I ‏ opened my legs ready for them. One of them went behind me and put the point of his penis on my butt hole. The other one put his mouth on my mouth. His penis was wiggling on my belly. The other one was fucking me slowly and softly. It was so sensual and emotional. ‏My friend who I just had fucked a while ago joined the other party. The stranger boy was laid down on the sand on his stomach. He had a penis both in his mouth and


Sleeping on the Boat

I went to fishing with my friend the day before yesterday. His father was with us too. It was a warm sunny summer day. We were all shirtless on the boat trying to catch as many fish as we can. My friend caught 13 fish. His father caught 34 fish. I caught only 9 😀 After a while my friend and I both felt tired. We took a nap on the boat. When I woke up, my friend and his father were both asleep. I tried to smell all my friend’s body. From toe to head, I smelt fish 😀


Bare Boy in the Park

The park was crowded and many kids were playing happily. A cute bare boy flaunting his slim soft flawless body suddenly attracted my attention. The only useless extra thing attached to him were his navy blue shorts. I wish I could do the chore for him and take the shorts off myself. That would leave only the pure beauty. Unlike me having him as the center of all my attention, he was not paying the slightest attention to me! He was in his own private world of fantasy. Looking at the crowd, listening to all the noise, and taking deep