13-year-old Boy in Diaper

We were on the way home from our summer program classes. Both of us were tired and bored. I asked my friend if he can stay with me. He called his mom and she accepted. It was the first time I was being with him alone at home. We were friends only for a few months, not more. I was just thinking of a way to get access inside his pants. When we entered my room, he started to inspect every corner. He even opened my very private drawer where I hide my diapers. To his surprise, I had a

Who is behind me? – Part 2

I took off my shorts and spitted on my penis, I mean my hard piece of meat! I asked him to spit on my hand and I used it to lubricate his butt. My heart was beating heavily. My body was shaking. The sensation was so intense that I could hardly feel what’s going on around us. He leaned forward pointing his finger to his butt as a sign for me to hurry up. I pushed it in his butt. It was like entering paradise. Inside of his butt was slick and warm as always. I gently moved back and

Who is behind me? – Part 1

Boxing is not my favorite sport, but sometimes I play it with Eddie. Eddie is 2 years older than me. He is very good at boxing and had thought me a lot of moves and tricks. A few days ago I was playing with him in his room. No one else was in their house. Hmm… I love these moments when I’m alone with another boy. You know better what I’m talking about… I just leaped to a side of the room and then came up behind him. I put my hand in front of his face, and asked him

Fun at Home

I was home alone. Bored and with a broken phone, I decided to have some fun with my undies. I tied all my undies together making a chain. I named my invention “The Chain of Undies.” It was a colorful chain provoking a lot of sexy memories for me! I put my penis into all legs of the undies one by one. Each of them made me feel like I have friend right here at home having sex with. Then I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom. I greased my butt hole, making it ready for a chain to enter!