On the Verge of Teen Life

My birthday is July 30 and I will be 13 this year. Basically, it means I’m becoming a teenager. Oh! I’m getting old! I still haven’t grown even a tiny strand of pubic hair, but soon I will. I detest being a human made of wool. I can’t shave all my body everyday! Even I shave it, it’s still far away from prefect. I will be dotted human! My older friends have hair all over their body. I can’t even imagine that. I want to stay silky smooth like now forever, so all other boys would like to have sex

The Boy in his Briefs

We were on the train traveling to a far place. We were expected to arrive in more than 12 hours. It was enough time for me to explore every corner of the carriage. At first I lurked somewhere near the toilet so maybe I could hunt a cute boy, but I had no chance. Then I tried to peek through other compartments windows, and you can’t believe what I saw! There was an exceptionally cute boy in his briefs inside a compartment. He was so glamorous that I couldn’t stop looking at him. He was playing with his tablet. Unfortunately,

I Love to Smell Feet all the Time

I keep my dirty socks on my bed. They work like lullabies for me. I smell them and I go to sleep. Smelling feet has been my hobby since when I was an infant. I used to smell my own feet at any occasion I could. Whenever I had a chance to smell somebody else’s feet, I wouldn’t let it go. The problem was that I was shy and I had only a few chances. Now as a school boy, I have more courage to ask other children to smell their lovely feet. In sleepovers I wake up at the

13-year-old Boy in Diaper

We were on the way home from our summer program classes. Both of us were tired and bored. I asked my friend if he can stay with me. He called his mom and she accepted. It was the first time I was being with him alone at home. We were friends only for a few months, not more. I was just thinking of a way to get access inside his pants. When we entered my room, he started to inspect every corner. He even opened my very private drawer where I hide my diapers. To his surprise, I had a