The Feet I Adore

Do you worship a god or maybe something similar? I only worship boys, and I adore their feet in a special way. One of the conditions my friends must accept before becoming one is to grant me extensive permission to do whatever I want with their feet. I little bit weird for them in the beginning, but they start to like to soon. Shoving a foot in my butt is a lofty hobby of mine. I smell, caress, kiss and lick the foot entirely before the main operation. Usually, the foot owner licks my butt meanwhile. When everything is lubricated

Under the Stairs

It was a long time I hadn’t seen my cousin, Bran. Last time I saw him he was 7. Today when he arrived at our house, he was 10. The last time we were together, we had a lot of pervy fun. From the moment I heard he is coming here again, I was extremely thrilled. I couldn’t wait more to see him again. My heart was beating twice faster. My mouth dry and my underwear wet 😀 waiting for him! After a warm family welcome and change of clothes, we went to my room to play. I grabbed him

Delicious Juice

On my way to get some milk I saw an older boy waving. He asked me to come with him to an alley nearby to play a game. I was suspicious and didn’t accept, but he insisted and promised that we will just play a game and I will be safe. He was looking so sincere so I believed him. When we arrived, he started to explain the game and the rules. He showed me some sealed mugs with a straw in each. Each mug was filled with some mixed fruit juice. For example banana and apple juice or orange

Laundry Day

Yesterday I went to a self-service laundry shop to wash my clothes. I was passing by the laundry machines and suddenly I noticed that one the doors are open. I got close and I looked inside. Guess what! There was a cute boy of around my age inside! Wow! Immediately, he said: “You found me. Now you own me! Tell me what to do”. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t have such a cute boy even in my dreams. Now he says that I own him… “I just wanted to wash my clothes. Can you please get out of the