I Love to Smell Feet all the Time

I keep my dirty socks on my bed. They work like lullabies for me. I smell them and I go to sleep. Smelling feet has been my hobby since when I was an infant. I used to smell my own feet at any occasion I could. Whenever I had a chance to smell somebody else’s feet, I wouldn’t let it go. The problem was that I was shy and I had only a few chances. Now as a school boy, I have more courage to ask other children to smell their lovely feet. In sleepovers I wake up at the

Bare Boys Playing Basketball

There is a basketball field in the neighborhood where my friends and I practice. In hot days of summer we play basketball almost bare. It’s a little bit problematic for me. The bare bodies don’t let me focus on the game. Sometimes I’m totally distracted by a cute shirtless boy. Today a new super cute blond boy came to the field. He was wearing very short black shorts. His body was soft and shiny. Not even a single flaw. He left me no concentration on the game. I was just looking at him all the time. My teammates were so

Training my Dog

I always liked to have a dog, but my parents never get one for me. They excused it costs a lot to have one. But my desire to have a dog is strong, so I decided to train my brother as my dog. I bought him a dog costume, and the canine route just began! My little brother had to eat food from dog plate without using his hands. Just like a dog. He had to cuddle me as much as he could. He also had to sleep in the small dog house I made for him. However, the most


The Fainted

Wow! What a gorgeous child is just getting closer to me! I can hear my heart beats like Techno music 😀 I can smell his bare feet. I can feel his soft body. I’m going to faint… I’m in a boyish coma…     In my unconsciousness, the world turns to my favor. I live in boy-boy land. I can have as many boys as I want. I can do whatever I want to them. I love dreaming more than anything. I wish I could dream forever and never wake up.