Laundry Day

Yesterday I went to a self-service laundry shop to wash my clothes. I was passing by the laundry machines and suddenly I noticed that one the doors are open. I got close and I looked inside. Guess what! There was a cute boy of around my age inside! Wow! Immediately, he said: “You found me. Now you own me! Tell me what to do”. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t have such a cute boy even in my dreams. Now he says that I own him…


“I just wanted to wash my clothes. Can you please get out of the laundry machine and let me do it?”, I asked. He replied: “Why you? Let me do it for you. You just sit there and rest. I’ll do everything”. I accepted astonishingly. Without hesitation, he kissed me, took all the clothes and put them in the laundry machine. Then he came close to me and said “Oh! These clothes are dirty too”, and he meant the clothes I was wearing. My heart beat had been doubled if not tripled! I couldn’t think or say anything. He started to take off my clothes. He even took off my underwear. I became fully naked with the biggest possible boner I could have. I was still in shock. “Do you mind if I wash my own clothes with yours?”, he asked, and he got naked too. He started the laundry machine and said: “Let’s go there and wait till it is done.”
We went to the back of the laundry shop. No one was there. I sat on the bench first and then he sat right on my erected penis. He had already lubricated his hole so that it went in without the slightest effort. Inside of him was warm and slippery, just like what I was always wishing in my dreams. His slim tender body, his blond hair, and his boyish smell will never get out of my head. As soon as he sat on me, I came in him! I couldn’t keep it even for a few seconds. All my body was shaking. He turned his head and kissed my lips. I closed my eyes. It felt like I’m not in this world anymore. Although I came a minute ago, I still had the same passion. He was the boy of my dreams. I bet my heartbeat was triple of the normal rate at the time.
He stood up and spread his butt in front of me. I saw my juice dripping! He shook it to signal me he is waiting for an insertion! 😀 I didn’t waste a second. I went behind him and began to do it as hard as possible. Both of us were moaning loudly. I didn’t count how many times I came inside of him. “Spank me”! he cried, and I didn’t disappoint him. I did it so hard that his butt got all red. I came once again, and I pulled it out of him. I leaned and looked closely. Beautiful! Good job!
“Thank you! I really enjoyed it. I think the laundry is done, and I can’t keep my mom waiting more than this. Can I have your number?”, he asked. “Yes, sure”, I replied. We grabbed our laundry and I wrote him my number. He wrote his for me too. What a wonderful day!