On the Verge of Teen Life

My birthday is July 30 and I will be 13 this year. Basically, it means I’m becoming a teenager. Oh! I’m getting old! I still haven’t grown even a tiny strand of pubic hair, but soon I will. I detest being a human made of wool. I can’t shave all my body everyday! Even I shave it, it’s still far away from prefect. I will be dotted human!

My older friends have hair all over their body. I can’t even imagine that. I want to stay silky smooth like now forever, so all other boys would like to have sex with me. Growing hair on the butt is worst of all. I used to show my butt to strangers and spreading it out, but a hairy butt has no demand I guess. What will happen to all those ass licking sessions we had!? Are my friends still going to lick mine? I’m in big trouble I think.