I Love to Smell Feet all the Time

I keep my dirty socks on my bed. They work like lullabies for me. I smell them and I go to sleep. Smelling feet has been my hobby since when I was an infant. I used to smell my own feet at any occasion I could. Whenever I had a chance to smell somebody else’s feet, I wouldn’t let it go. The problem was that I was shy and I had only a few chances.

Now as a school boy, I have more courage to ask other children to smell their lovely feet. In sleepovers I wake up at the midnight and smell those sleeping bare feet. In the dark and quiet of the night, it feels even better to be indulged in a barefoot. My close friends call me The Fetish Freak. I smell and lick their feet at any chance. I clean their dirty feet with my tongue and we all enjoy it.