13-year-old Boy in Diaper

We were on the way home from our summer program classes. Both of us were tired and bored. I asked my friend if he can stay with me. He called his mom and she accepted. It was the first time I was being with him alone at home. We were friends only for a few months, not more. I was just thinking of a way to get access inside his pants.

When we entered my room, he started to inspect every corner. He even opened my very private drawer where I hide my diapers. To his surprise, I had a huge collection of diapers he had never seen before something like that! He wondered why I keep such a collection. I told him he must try one of them before I could tell him more. Fortunately, he agreed! Wow! I loved it!
He took off his pants and tried to get a diaper on, but he didn’t know how to wear it, so he asked for my help, and I roger that! Putting a 13-year-old boy in diaper has been my dream for a long time, and it came true today! I brought my baby powder and sparkled it on his big fully-erected penis. His butt hole got some too. Then I packed him, kissed him, and sent him to bed 😀