Hard as a Rock

In a hot sunny day of summer, boys tend to walk around the house in their undies, don’t they? This is definitely what I love about summer. If there were no insects in summer, I would never want it to end. The other thing I love about summer is that the schools are over and all boys have a lot of free time to play and chat. That’s why I peek in neighbors’ houses. Usually I hunt precious scenes.

When I was peeking into a house of a stranger living in our neighborhood, I saw a cute boy in his navy blue undies. I could read “Rock” written on it. Maybe that’s what he calls his penis, because it was hard as a rock, I could see. He was rehearsing a song I guess. He was all in the mood. He could use his rock as a microphone, couldn’t he? I wish I could practice with him, or we were in the same music band.