Camp Boxing – Part 2

He nodded his head signaling his positive answer to me, and gave me a pair of his gloves. We started playing box and enjoyed our time. During the game I tried to talk to him as much as I could. I asked him different questions to know him better. He was living with his mom and little sister in a downtown area. He’s been practicing boxing for 4 years – that’s why I could never beat him!

When we got tired of boxing I brought a bottle of mineral water for us. We laid on a corner to rest. With cautious I slowly moved my hand to reach his genitals over his pants. I was almost there, but he moved himself. Once again I tried to reach his thing. This time he grabbed my hand and threw it away. Then he looked at me in the eyes with anger, and just walked away. 🙁 OMG! Two hours of boxing and no success! What a cute boy I just lost. I hope next time I’m luckier!