Shower Friend

We rented a room in an inn to stay during our holidays. The inn was a bit old and the showers were outside, shared among all rooms. Actually I loved the showers idea. I was taking a shower twice a day there! Fortunately, I could see the shower entrance from the window of our room. I used to wait for a cute boy to enter the showers alone. Then I would take a shower with him.

There was a cute boy who I met a few times in the showers. Gradually we became friends. The fourth time we met there (totally by chance! hehe!) I asked if he can wash my back. He accepted and then he asked the favor back. I started from the middle and went down and down as fast as possible! I was just washing his butt crack. He didn’t oppose, so I began to penetrate my penis in! It was surprising for him, but he didn’t oppose this either, which means he liked it.

I dragged him to a corner where nobody could see us. I cleaned all the foam and began to suck him. He was enjoying it. I licked his balls and groin. Then I turned him around and pushed my tongue in his butt hole. It felt so good, so I couldn’t stop myself. I penetrated my penis inside of his slippery intestine! OMG! It was unbelievably joyful. I shot my cum all inside. I kissed him and we went back to our rooms.