Who is behind me? – Part 2

I took off my shorts and spitted on my penis, I mean my hard piece of meat! I asked him to spit on my hand and I used it to lubricate his butt. My heart was beating heavily. My body was shaking. The sensation was so intense that I could hardly feel what’s going on around us. He leaned forward pointing his finger to his butt as a sign for me to hurry up.

I pushed it in his butt. It was like entering paradise. Inside of his butt was slick and warm as always. I gently moved back and forward, caressing his soft skin. I gradually sped up. I was not in this world. I could not see or hear. I was in extreme ecstasy. When I felt like I’m cumming, I asked Eddie to turn around and bring his mouth close. He opened his mouth ready for the shot. I rubbed my penis on his tongue and just came inside his mouth. He swallowed it all. His grandmother always says wasting is a big sin.