Fun at Home

I was home alone. Bored and with a broken phone, I decided to have some fun with my undies. I tied all my undies together making a chain. I named my invention “The Chain of Undies.” It was a colorful chain provoking a lot of sexy memories for me! I put my penis into all legs of the undies one by one. Each of them made me feel like I have friend right here at home having sex with. Then I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom. I greased my butt hole, making it ready for a chain to enter! I shoved the whole chain into my butt. That was incredible.

I was feeling like I’m going to explode. All my undies were inside of me. I pulled the chain out of my butt. I was stained with a lot of shit, but the I liked the smell. I threw the chain on the floor. Got naked. Went on my knees like a dog, began smelling the whole chain. I was just like the dogs in crime scenes. I wish there was another boy with me at the time. We could have a lot of more fun together. It was a pity I was alone.