Friends in the Woods

My friend and I were walking home from school. I asked him if he likes to play for a short time in the woods along side the road. He accepted, so we went behind a big rock there. With no hesitation I grabbed him and kissed him in the mouth. My penis was hard like a rock. I couldn’t stop. I tore down my clothes and put my penis in his lovely pink mouth. He is an awesome sucker.

I just turned him around and shoved my penis into his butt. Wow! That was intense. I was so horny I couldn’t hear or see anything. I was totally focused on the fucking procedure, I forgot about my urge to poop. A big piece of shit was right behind my rectum door. Have you ever pooped while fucking!? I did! And that was amazing. The moment when the poop was coming out was unforgettable, because I squirted cum in my friend’s butt at the same time!