The Magic of Singing

“It’s all about the mood. It’s all about the sense. You’re a cute boy whore, and I’m a horny friend. I have a carrot in my shorts. You have a melon in your pants. Let’s make some melon-carrot juice in a fucking instant”, I just sang to him while he was playing with beach sand.

After hearing my song, he stood up, turned away, and got fully naked. Just like he was waiting for me to approach him. I took off my shorts, and moved forward to do it. His body was soft and flawless. I began to lick his butt hole to make it easier for my penis to enter. It was really delicious, and of course it smelled the best. Finally I penetrated him and the journey began. We did it for about half an hour and I finally came inside him. This is the magic of singing!