School Trip in Shorts

Now I’m in paradise. Over 100 boys here in their shorts. And it’s complemented by the voice of waterfall and birds. A lot of trees here means a lot of places to hide! And a lot of places to hide means a lot of opportunity to have sex! Yes, I’m in paradise!

I sent a wink to a boy sitting in a corner. Hopefully, he winked back! I pointed a tree far away with my finger, and I started to move there. He traced me to the place. That was amazing. All of a sudden I took off my shorts, knelt down, and said “Do it”! Without hesitation he took off his shorts too and jumped behind me.


He spit on my butt and then brought his hand near my mouth and said “I need some for my wee wee”! He penetrated his medium-sized penis into me slowly. He gradually sped up. I really enjoyed him.
It was a pity he was only 10 and couldn’t cum yet.