Taking Sunbath – Part 2

Now it’s time for me to return the favour. I ‏ opened my legs ready for them. One of them went behind me and put the point of his penis on my butt hole. The other one put his mouth on my mouth. His penis was wiggling on my belly. The other one was fucking me slowly and softly. It was so sensual and emotional. ‏My friend who I just had fucked a while ago joined the other party. The stranger boy was laid down on the sand on his stomach. He had a penis both in his mouth and

Dead Fish

My friend had a golden fish in his small pool. On the way to school, sometimes I was invited by him to take a look at that cute fish. One day when we went there together to visit the fish, we found him not moving, just floating on the water. Yeah, the fish was dead, and my friend was so sad… After about an hour of grief, I slowly began to stroke his pubic area! I just wanted to make him feel better, and it led to a real good sex actually. I took off his pants and started to

School Trip in Shorts

Now I’m in paradise. Over 100 boys here in their shorts. And it’s complemented by the voice of waterfall and birds. A lot of trees here means a lot of places to hide! And a lot of places to hide means a lot of opportunity to have sex! Yes, I’m in paradise! I sent a wink to a boy sitting in a corner. Hopefully, he winked back! I pointed a tree far away with my finger, and I started to move there. He traced me to the place. That was amazing. All of a sudden I took off my shorts,

Watching through the Diving Mask

The best thing about diving with a diving mask is that you can clearly see other children under water. I mean you can clearly watch their trunks 😀 Whenever I go to the beach or a swimming pool I bring my diving mask with myself. I go near other boys and dive around them like a fly flying around a shit! I worship them and want to eat them, again like that fly! I get close to the butt and watch it closely from every angle. I imagine the butt is naked. I build the naked butt picture in my