Taking Sunbath – Part 2

Now it’s time for me to return the favour. I ‏ opened my legs ready for them. One of them went behind me and put the point of his penis on my butt hole. The other one put his mouth on my mouth. His penis was wiggling on my belly. The other one was fucking me slowly and softly. It was so sensual and emotional. ‏My friend who I just had fucked a while ago joined the other party. The stranger boy was laid down on the sand on his stomach. He had a penis both in his mouth and


No Undies Time!

“The inflatable pool is ready kids!,” my friend’s mom shouted. We stood close to the pool and started to take off our clothes. Wow! It’s no undies time! We were both totally naked looking at each other. My heart was pounding heavily. I couldn’t believe I’m there naked with another boy of my age. My friend just stepped in the pool. While he was moving his leg I took a glance at his nice butt. Wow! I could see his tiny pink hole. That was unbelievable! I just began to get a boner, so I jumped in water to hide