Camp Boxing – Part 1

I hate camping in general. I prefer to be at home playing PlayStation 4. The only good thing about camping is that I would be with many boys in the same place! This is exactly why I even love the smell of a campsite. Boys sweet boys! The camp we were heading was new for me. I’ve never been there before. We were about 300 middle-school boys going there. I was trying my best not to miss any glance of this trip. There were many gorgeous boys and I had to decide fast. Finally, I selected my target and approached

Taking Sunbath – Part 1

A warm sunny weekend suits best for beach sunbathing. It’s much more fun if you go with friends instead of family, yeah a lot more fun, you know! A beach full of kids is a plus too. Another plus is wearing underwear instead of swimming trunks. Yet another plus is having group sex behind the rocks in the shoreline. hehehehe…. Yeah as you might have guessed we went to the beach, and we went behind the rocks. I was with 2 of my friends. I took off my undies first and grabbed one of my friends head forcing him to