Bare Boys Playing Basketball

There is a basketball field in the neighborhood where my friends and I practice. In hot days of summer we play basketball almost bare. It’s a little bit problematic for me. The bare bodies don’t let me focus on the game. Sometimes I’m totally distracted by a cute shirtless boy. Today a new super cute blond boy came to the field. He was wearing very short black shorts. His body was soft and shiny. Not even a single flaw. He left me no concentration on the game. I was just looking at him all the time. My teammates were so


The Beach Blond Boy

We are going to the beach today. The whole family. I always wanted to go to the beach alone. I could do a lot more without my parents and siblings. By the way, it’s better than staying home. I can look at all bare bodies of boys and enjoy. I can see a wide variety of speedos and trunks 😀     As soon as we arrived, I noticed a blond boy of about my own age wandering around. He was very cute. I just wanted to take off my pants jack off right there for him. I was unlucky


Meeting an Old Friend

Today I’m going to meet an old friend. Better say an old young friend. He is only 10yo. We were friends from the time he was about 4 years old. He is slim, cute and white. To top it off I have to say his skin is very soft and his body meat is so elastic! Try to imagine the body part I’m talking about 😀 yeah!     He wants me to be his tutor, and we’re going to discuss it today at 1 PM. I’m trying to be as prepared as possible for the discussion so that I