Who is behind me? – Part 1

Boxing is not my favorite sport, but sometimes I play it with Eddie. Eddie is 2 years older than me. He is very good at boxing and had thought me a lot of moves and tricks. A few days ago I was playing with him in his room. No one else was in their house. Hmm… I love these moments when I’m alone with another boy. You know better what I’m talking about… I just leaped to a side of the room and then came up behind him. I put my hand in front of his face, and asked him

Wrestling in Shorts

My favorite sport after swimming, is wrestling. I just do it for fun. You know, the wicked kind of fun. The good thing is that you can grab your opponent by anywhere. I emphasize again… You can touch any body part you like. Obviously, I like what you guys like too! Once my friend and I were wrestling in our shorts. In my friend’s yard they had a big mattress for wrestling. I was losing all the time, making my friend happy. He didn’t know he was making me happy too! I was touching all his body freely. I wish