Who is behind me? – Part 2

I took off my shorts and spitted on my penis, I mean my hard piece of meat! I asked him to spit on my hand and I used it to lubricate his butt. My heart was beating heavily. My body was shaking. The sensation was so intense that I could hardly feel what’s going on around us. He leaned forward pointing his finger to his butt as a sign for me to hurry up. I pushed it in his butt. It was like entering paradise. Inside of his butt was slick and warm as always. I gently moved back and

Who is behind me? – Part 1

Boxing is not my favorite sport, but sometimes I play it with Eddie. Eddie is 2 years older than me. He is very good at boxing and had thought me a lot of moves and tricks. A few days ago I was playing with him in his room. No one else was in their house. Hmm… I love these moments when I’m alone with another boy. You know better what I’m talking about… I just leaped to a side of the room and then came up behind him. I put my hand in front of his face, and asked him

Fun at Home

I was home alone. Bored and with a broken phone, I decided to have some fun with my undies. I tied all my undies together making a chain. I named my invention “The Chain of Undies.” It was a colorful chain provoking a lot of sexy memories for me! I put my penis into all legs of the undies one by one. Each of them made me feel like I have friend right here at home having sex with. Then I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom. I greased my butt hole, making it ready for a chain to enter!

The Wooden Rod

Alone at home, I was thinking of something to do. Called a few friends, all were busy. Playing a computer game, oh too boring. Watching porn, no new ideas to enjoy the show. The only option left, my cute lovely wooden rod. This rod is my best friend whenever I’m alone. I put the rod in my mouth and licked it like a dog. Then I began to shove it in my butt hole as always. I spread my legs and began to move it back and forth. It felt so good. Just like I’m really getting fucked. I sped