Purple Underwear

Finally, my friends agreed to play the game I love… “Guessing the color of each other’s underwear” WOW! It’s a sweet game! My instincts work great for this kind of game. I can imagine everything under there. 3… 2… 1… and the game begins… We were 4 people playing the game. Everybody guessed different colors. I guessed all 3 undies as purple! That was a weird guess, wasn’t it? Nobody else guessed any purples at all. Well! We took off our pants one by one. First guy, purple. Second guy, purple. Third guy, purple! and myself, purple! 😀 Oh yeah

Training my Dog

I always liked to have a dog, but my parents never get one for me. They excused it costs a lot to have one. But my desire to have a dog is strong, so I decided to train my brother as my dog. I bought him a dog costume, and the canine route just began! My little brother had to eat food from dog plate without using his hands. Just like a dog. He had to cuddle me as much as he could. He also had to sleep in the small dog house I made for him. However, the most

Watching through the Diving Mask

The best thing about diving with a diving mask is that you can clearly see other children under water. I mean you can clearly watch their trunks 😀 Whenever I go to the beach or a swimming pool I bring my diving mask with myself. I go near other boys and dive around them like a fly flying around a shit! I worship them and want to eat them, again like that fly! I get close to the butt and watch it closely from every angle. I imagine the butt is naked. I build the naked butt picture in my

Wrestling in Shorts

My favorite sport after swimming, is wrestling. I just do it for fun. You know, the wicked kind of fun. The good thing is that you can grab your opponent by anywhere. I emphasize again… You can touch any body part you like. Obviously, I like what you guys like too! Once my friend and I were wrestling in our shorts. In my friend’s yard they had a big mattress for wrestling. I was losing all the time, making my friend happy. He didn’t know he was making me happy too! I was touching all his body freely. I wish