Wandering around Naked

I was bored in the afternoon, so I decided to take a walk. I’ve been always doing it with my clothes on. Why not walking naked this time for a change? I took off all my clothes and went out. It was a quite afternoon and almost nobody saw me. I was hoping for a cute boy to see me, but I was not lucky. Walking around naked was very exciting. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a new and strange feeling. Half of my heart wanted someone to see me, and the other half didn’t want it to

Shower Friend

We rented a room in an inn to stay during our holidays. The inn was a bit old and the showers were outside, shared among all rooms. Actually I loved the showers idea. I was taking a shower twice a day there! Fortunately, I could see the shower entrance from the window of our room. I used to wait for a cute boy to enter the showers alone. Then I would take a shower with him. There was a cute boy who I met a few times in the showers. Gradually we became friends. The fourth time we met there

Who is behind me? – Part 2

I took off my shorts and spitted on my penis, I mean my hard piece of meat! I asked him to spit on my hand and I used it to lubricate his butt. My heart was beating heavily. My body was shaking. The sensation was so intense that I could hardly feel what’s going on around us. He leaned forward pointing his finger to his butt as a sign for me to hurry up. I pushed it in his butt. It was like entering paradise. Inside of his butt was slick and warm as always. I gently moved back and