Bare Boys Playing Basketball

There is a basketball field in the neighborhood where my friends and I practice. In hot days of summer we play basketball almost bare. It’s a little bit problematic for me. The bare bodies don’t let me focus on the game. Sometimes I’m totally distracted by a cute shirtless boy. Today a new super cute blond boy came to the field. He was wearing very short black shorts. His body was soft and shiny. Not even a single flaw. He left me no concentration on the game. I was just looking at him all the time. My teammates were so

Training my Dog

I always liked to have a dog, but my parents never get one for me. They excused it costs a lot to have one. But my desire to have a dog is strong, so I decided to train my brother as my dog. I bought him a dog costume, and the canine route just began! My little brother had to eat food from dog plate without using his hands. Just like a dog. He had to cuddle me as much as he could. He also had to sleep in the small dog house I made for him. However, the most


The Fainted

Wow! What a gorgeous child is just getting closer to me! I can hear my heart beats like Techno music 😀 I can smell his bare feet. I can feel his soft body. I’m going to faint… I’m in a boyish coma…     In my unconsciousness, the world turns to my favor. I live in boy-boy land. I can have as many boys as I want. I can do whatever I want to them. I love dreaming more than anything. I wish I could dream forever and never wake up.


Bare Boy in the Park

The park was crowded and many kids were playing happily. A cute bare boy flaunting his slim soft flawless body suddenly attracted my attention. The only useless extra thing attached to him were his navy blue shorts. I wish I could do the chore for him and take the shorts off myself. That would leave only the pure beauty. Unlike me having him as the center of all my attention, he was not paying the slightest attention to me! He was in his own private world of fantasy. Looking at the crowd, listening to all the noise, and taking deep