Let’s Go to my Room

I was bored sitting by the mirror singing nonsense. All of a sudden my phone rang and it was my friend, Eddie. He asked me out to play games. We went to the alley and began to play soccer. During the match, he was injured. He fell on the ground and began crying. I went by him and tried to calm him down, but it was in vein. He was not even listening to me… Finally I came up with a good idea! I whispered in his ear if he wants to put his penis in my butt! As I

Friends in the Woods

My friend and I were walking home from school. I asked him if he likes to play for a short time in the woods along side the road. He accepted, so we went behind a big rock there. With no hesitation I grabbed him and kissed him in the mouth. My penis was hard like a rock. I couldn’t stop. I tore down my clothes and put my penis in his lovely pink mouth. He is an awesome sucker. I just turned him around and shoved my penis into his butt. Wow! That was intense. I was so horny I