The Magic of Singing

“It’s all about the mood. It’s all about the sense. You’re a cute boy whore, and I’m a horny friend. I have a carrot in my shorts. You have a melon in your pants. Let’s make some melon-carrot juice in a fucking instant”, I just sang to him while he was playing with beach sand. After hearing my song, he stood up, turned away, and got fully naked. Just like he was waiting for me to approach him. I took off my shorts, and moved forward to do it. His body was soft and flawless. I began to lick his

The Wooden Rod

Alone at home, I was thinking of something to do. Called a few friends, all were busy. Playing a computer game, oh too boring. Watching porn, no new ideas to enjoy the show. The only option left, my cute lovely wooden rod. This rod is my best friend whenever I’m alone. I put the rod in my mouth and licked it like a dog. Then I began to shove it in my butt hole as always. I spread my legs and began to move it back and forth. It felt so good. Just like I’m really getting fucked. I sped

Taking Sunbath – Part 2

Now it’s time for me to return the favour. I ‏ opened my legs ready for them. One of them went behind me and put the point of his penis on my butt hole. The other one put his mouth on my mouth. His penis was wiggling on my belly. The other one was fucking me slowly and softly. It was so sensual and emotional. ‏My friend who I just had fucked a while ago joined the other party. The stranger boy was laid down on the sand on his stomach. He had a penis both in his mouth and

Taking Sunbath – Part 1

A warm sunny weekend suits best for beach sunbathing. It’s much more fun if you go with friends instead of family, yeah a lot more fun, you know! A beach full of kids is a plus too. Another plus is wearing underwear instead of swimming trunks. Yet another plus is having group sex behind the rocks in the shoreline. hehehehe…. Yeah as you might have guessed we went to the beach, and we went behind the rocks. I was with 2 of my friends. I took off my undies first and grabbed one of my friends head forcing him to